Lifesong Farms Project 2,
Chernigov Needs


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Land Purchase (68 acres)
Estimated Cost: $270,000

Farm Property Security,
Roads, Utilities
Estimated Cost: $150,000

Planting of Blueberry
Plants, 15 acres
Estimated Cost: $320,000

Planting of Raspberry
Tunnels, 5 acres
Estimated Cost: $190,000

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Farm Workers Campus
Estimated Cost: $80,000

Pond and Irrigation
Station/Lines Set Up
Estimated Cost: $120,000

Farming Equipment, Mobile and Stationary Coolers, Sorting Station
Estimated Cost: $250,000

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Total Cost $1,380,000


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Transition Home Needs

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Construction of Transition Homes
homes (3 homes: 3,500 sq ft)
Estimated Cost: $200,000

Transition Homes
Furniture and Equipment
Estimated Cost: $80,000

[/col][col span=”1/3″]

Landscaping of Transition Homes
lot (2 acres)/activity fields
Estimated Cost: $70,000

Estimated Cost: $150,000

[/col][col span=”1/3″][/col][/row]

Total Cost $500,000


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