Reach Children
in Your Own

Reach Children in Your Own Community

Every 2 minutes in the U.S.,
another child enters foster care

Reach This Community

Children are not the only ones
affected by foster care


Children often enter foster care with only the clothes on their back. Many sit in offices for hours while caseworkers search for a willing foster home.

Vulnerable adults

As youth age out of the foster care system, many do so without the love or guidance of family and remain at risk.

Foster Parents

Foster parents face many challenges caring for children who’ve experienced trauma. Many end up feeling physically and emotionally unprepared.

Agency workers

Foster care workers carry heavy caseloads that require complicated decisions, leading to high levels of burnout which affects children in care.

Encourage the Foster Care Community

Partner with The Forgotten Initiative

The Forgotten Initiative

Join TFI Advocates in mobilizing churches to meet needs in their local foster care communities or find hope and encouragement through TFI’s podcast and other resources.

“The Forgotten Initiative has provided our church with concrete and invaluable opportunities to show the love of Christ to our community.”

Lead Pastor, Compass Church