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This Is the Solution to Orphans’ Needs

The solution to orphans’ needs: The Church Over and over in Scripture, God commands His followers to serve the marginalized and neglected, hurt and abused. And He demonstrates this in the person and work of Jesus Christ, from His interactions …

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How to Hold a Family Together | Amy’s Story

In recent years, millions of migrant workers from Cambodia have poured into Thailand. Today, Thailand is home to 4 million immigrants who are desperately searching for work. One place many men and women find work is on construction sites, working …

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Why Help Kids Around the World When Kids Here Need Help?

Get close enough to the world of adoption and orphan care, and chances are you’ll run into a common dilemma: If kids in our backyard are suffering, why help kids around the world? Without a doubt, there are immense needs in …

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Finn’s Gift: Becoming a Mission-Minded Family

Generosity is often generational. Time and time again, we see former orphans becoming orphan advocates and adoptees becoming adoption advocates and even adoptive parents. It echos John’s words in 1 John: “We love because He first loved us.” At the …

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How to Strengthen Your Marriage while Fostering or Adopting

Dennis and Barbara Rainey know a thing or two about how to strengthen a marriage They’ve strengthened their marriage even while caring for the world’s most vulnerable. They’ve been married over 40 years and have 6 grown children, one of whom …

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5 Things to Pray for Your Child’s Birth Parents

It happens every time I kiss my son’s silky black hair or hold his little hand— I am reminded that somewhere in the world, a set of parents is missing out on the same opportunity. I don’t know anything about my son’s birth …

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Love One: Sponsor a Child

It’s February, and love is in the air. According to Hallmark, at least. Since we know that love is action, we have an opportunity for you to get into the spirit of the season: child sponsorship! For as little as …

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Lesly’s Story: A Teen Mom from Guatemala

Thank you for supporting orphaned children in Guatemala and believing with us that God has a heart for each of these kids. Here’s a recent update from our team—   We received the call on a busy Monday morning. A home …

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A Mother’s Thoughts on Gotcha Day

We love to celebrate anniversaries. Whether a birthday, wedding, graduation… when something big happens, the date is etched in our minds. So it comes as no surprise that when adoptive parents first meet their child, that day is (often) celebrated …

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7 Comments Adoptive Parents Often Hear (+ Their Grace-filled Responses)

As an adoptive parent, you know that adoption invites all kinds of comments. As an adoptee and an adoptive mom, I understand. (Is it just me, or do a lot of these comments get made at the grocery store?) Some comments …

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