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An Unlikely Advocate: How Community Transformed My Foster Child’s Experience

Guest post by Amanda Baird from More Than Enough A few years ago, I listened to an audiobook with one of my foster children. As the narrator described how a little boy’s aunt and uncle were treating him terribly, my …

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What Happens When We Support Children Together

Jim and Elizabeth always knew they would adopt. They just didn’t know when or how. Together as a newly married couple from Somerset County, New Jersey, they had both worked in organizations through legal and charity work that opened their …

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Make More Than Enough a Reality Where You Live

From Not Enough… The words “not enough” are heard every day inside of our nation’s foster care system… Not enough resources. Not enough support. Not enough families. Thankfully, churches, organizations, and advocates like you are working tirelessly to serve children …

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The Super Bowl and America’s Kids: 4 Facts

One Sunday every year, around 100 million Americans dedicate their evening to the Super Bowl. That’s more than one out of every four people in the U.S. In our world full of free-thinking and individualism, our nation’s collective agreement to …

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What If There Was More Than Enough?

The words “not enough” are heard every day inside our nation’s foster care system. Not enough resources. Not enough families. Not enough support. Unfortunately, this system overflowing with “not enough” does not lack children—each one with unique needs. A brief …

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Friends, Foster Care, & Mother’s Day

Guest post by Holly Gnuse of The Forgotten Initiative, an advocate ministry of Lifesong. It doesn’t matter what age or stage you’re currently in: Having friends to walk beside you is a good thing. A sweet thing. I’m finding that …

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Foster Care 101: Your Guide to Foster Care Awareness Month

Guest post by Sarah Wilson of The Forgotten Initiative, an advocate ministry of Lifesong. May is Foster Care Awareness Month. We at The Forgotten Initiative believe that awareness leads to action. We believe that when the body of Christ hears …

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How Good Friday Is for Broken and Hurting Parents

The reality of life in a broken world is that we see pain everywhere we look. And perhaps nowhere is pain more poignant than in the lives of hurting children. We see suffering in broken homes, overpacked orphanages, and CPS offices. …

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The Best of 2020 (According to You!)

2020 has been challenging, but we’ve seen God do some amazing things. As we reflect here at year-end, we’re sharing 12 of our blog and social media posts that resonated most with you (and other members of our audience) in …

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Orphan Sunday Is Coming November 8!

On Sunday, November 8, thousands of men and women across the globe will observe Orphan Sunday, and we want you to join us! We are rallying individuals and churches worldwide—in partnership with Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO)—to be the light for …

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