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God’s Detour to Adoption

Although we are free to make plans, the Lord will always direct our paths. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we want that we forget that God has His own perfect plans. His word reminds us— “Many are …

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Should You Take Out a Loan for Adoption?

Adoption funding can be overwhelming. Which is why money is the #1 reason families who consider adopting don’t do it. For many families, getting help with adoption funding can be the difference between adopting and not being able to bring a …

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This Adoption Match Was a Miracle!

Adoption is always a miracle. An orphaned child now has a family. A broken story ends in a glorious redemption. A seemingly endless process comes to a joy-filled conclusion. But sometimes, God shows up in unusual and incredible ways. This …

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One Family’s Journey to Adopt 3 Siblings

There’s a deep need for more adoptive families to say “yes” to sibling sets. Having already gone through the devastating loss of their parents, it’s an incredible blessing and source of security to have a sibling by their side—rather than …

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What Happens When We Support Children Together

Jim and Elizabeth always knew they would adopt. They just didn’t know when or how. Together as a newly married couple from Somerset County, New Jersey, they had both worked in organizations through legal and charity work that opened their …

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From Scorched to Watered | Finding Strength After Placing My Child

Guest post from Eren Moore Isaiah 58:11 reads, “And the LORD will continually guide you and satisfy your desire in the scorched places, and give strength to your bones; and you will be like a watered garden, and like a …

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Being Seen Saved My Life: My Adoption Story

Guest post by Destiny Twohill The older I get, the more I understand about my adoption. I’m reminded by God of how much bigger His plans are than mine tend to be, and I like to consider myself a big …

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Is Fundraising for Adoption Common?

We believe money should never be the reason a child doesn’t have a family. But money is the #1 reason families who consider adopting don’t do it. In fact, in 2013, the Barna Group conducted a survey and found that …

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8 Adoption Grants You Should Know About

Adoption Grants. If you’ve adopted, are pursuing adoption, or are simply considering adoption, you’re familiar with a large piece of the process: funding. Thankfully—and perhaps overwhelmingly—there are tons of adoption financial aid resources to choose from. One of the most …

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5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Adopted

Adopted as a little girl, I thought I had adoption figured out. Turns out, I was wrong. When, as a first-time parent, I brought my 4-year-old son home from Thailand, I felt like I was living in the Twilight Zone. …

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