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The Good, Hard Yes of Adoption

Many of the adopting families we serve share their stories with us. And since you make those stories possible, we love sharing them with you.   One of those families is the Krals. Here’s their story— When Jeremy and Rachel …

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A War Orphan’s Incredible Journey of Survival

For the first 9 years of my life, I didn’t see myself as Asian. I lived in a country where everybody around me was Asian, but they told me I wasn’t. I was born in Korea, but I don’t have …

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Your Inside Look at Stories of Redemption

God is using your gifts to do amazing things on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children. In our year-end catalog, Stories of Redemption, you’ll read about some of the many lives you’ve touched. Because we live in a fallen world, each story begins …

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What You Need to Know About Reaching Orphans

153 million orphans. The orphan crisis is just that: a crisis. The need is overwhelming. But the fight for justice and mercy is not in vain. We can each do something. God has called us all to care for orphans …

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A Mother’s Journey to Adopt 15 Children

When we first stepped out in obedience, we asked God to work in our lives in a way that only He could get the glory. And He did. He called my husband Dave and I to adopt. We currently have 17 …

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Movie Night: 5 Family Films About Adoption

Movies can be a helpful catalyst for conversation. And since adoption is a time-tested theme in entertainment, many choices exist. Not all family-friendly movies containing an adoption element are a good idea, however. If you’re looking to avoid a movie (a.k.a. The Avengers) whose …

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In Ways That Are Hard to Put into Words

Whether biological or adoptive, expecting parents rarely feel prepared for the task at hand. But time after time, it seems like God uses the least qualified to accomplish the biggest tasks. Adoption was well out of Jacob and Hannah’s reach …

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November is National Adoption Month!

Here at Lifesong, we believe every month is adoption awareness month. But we’re grateful November has been recognized nationally as National Adoption Awareness Month! Whether or not you have been personally impacted by adoption, here are 3 ways you can make this month impactful— …

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The Powerful Story Behind Orphan Sunday

In Lusaka, Zambia—a city of over 1 million people—is a tiny compound called Kalingalinga. Here, the roads are dusty as the sun beats an eternal inferno on the heads of street vendors selling vegetables to make ends meet. Children laugh as they …

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Why India?: An Adoption Journey

There’s a lot to consider when a family says “yes” to adoption. Where will you adopt from? How many children? What ages? How will you fundraise? The list goes on… Each question holds significant weight. But adopting families don’t have …

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