every child
deserves the love of a family

every child
deserves the love of a family

Money Should Never Be The Reason A Child Doesn’t Have A Family


38% of practicing Christians have seriously considered adoption.


However, only 5% of practicing Christians have actually adopted.

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Why Only 5%?

Common Reasons That Keep People From Adopting

“It’s too expensive”

“The process is too intimidating”

“There is too much paperwork”

We Can Help

Through adoption financial assistance, like matching grants, Interest-Free Loans, and Adoption Crowdfunding Pages, we help you bridge the gap in adoption fundraising


We award dollar-for-dollar adoption matching grants which act as a catalyst in raising further funds for homestudy-ready families. As donations come in for specific families, adoption matching grant money becomes available.


We offer interest-free loans through covenant agreements where adopting families repay the loan through manageable monthly or annual payments.


We equip you with an adoption fundraising kit. The resulting process allows friends and family who wish to support your adoption to receive tax-deductions for their donations on behalf of your adoption. Tools available include: letter-writing kit, online fundraising through mySTORY, and Gobena Coffee fundraising.


We provide mySTORY access—a free online giving platform exclusively for approved families. Donations tie directly into a specific family’s Lifesong Family Fund Account and make it easy for families to share their story publicly.

We help guide you through the fundraising process, keeping it simple so you can focus on bringing your child home.

Through Lifesong

As always, 100% of what you raise goes to bringing your child home.

Lifesong administrative costs are already covered, so every penny of received donations will go to help fund your adoption.

Your supporters can make tax-deductible gifts to your adoption

Because Lifesong is a 501(C)3 non-profit ministry.

You can access free, simple fundraising tools

Every approved family can use our simple fundraising tools, including crowdfunding pages that directly tie into their adoption account.

Apply Now


Upon completion of your homestudy, you are eligible to apply for adoption funding. Complete and submit an application requesting a matching grant or interest-free loan along with fundraising support.

It’s completely free. As always, 100% of what you raise goes to bringing your child home.

“God poured into our family through His people and through Lifesong to help provide for our adoptions.


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What our Families Are Saying

We are so thankful for the community, resources, and experience Lifesong brings to families entering the adoption journey! Rather than having to reinvent the wheel, we were able to partner with Lifesong which was a tremendous blessing!”

Matching Grant Recipient • Adopted from Burundi

“Our family is forever grateful that God blessed us with the gift of Lifesong being part of our adoption journey. Not only were they extremely easy to work with, but we felt cared for when the adoption process got hard and we truly needed prayer for our family.”

Matching Grant Recipients • Adopted from Bulgaria

“We were notified we had received a matching grant just as our dossier was logged in China! We were overjoyed by this wonderful gift God had provided by placing it on someone else’s heart to provide financial support to our family.”

Matching Grant Recipient • Adopted from China

“We were so humbled for a second time to receive a matching grant through Lifesong which allowed us to raise $13,000… I love that Lifesong managed the donations for us, providing accountability to make sure it was used to cover qualified adoption expenses. Also, the free mySTORY crowdfunding platform was a great way to help people give easily online.”

Matching Grant Recipient • Adopted from China

Help more Families Adopt

Be a Part of Their Story

When you give to support adoption, you help families bring their children home.


We want to support you on your adoption journey. Find practical ideas and encouragement before, during, and after your adoption is finalized.


Find the answers you are looking for.

Other Fundraising Ideas That Work With Lifesong

Two great Fundraisers we Recommend

Both Hands

A Different kind of adoption fundraiser

Help a widow and fund your adoption at the same time.

gobena coffee

Sell coffee, raise money.

Sell ethically sourced, freshly roasted coffee from around the world and fund your adoption.

We Partner With Ministries Across the World to Serve Adoptive Families