To those who love and support the ministry in India–

My name is Beverly (Stoll) Porter. Bob & Siromani are my parents. Many of you may not be aware that Dad was battling cancer this past year. When I started writing this he was still able to give input and guidance, and for that I am so thankful. On the 27th of October Dad went to be with Jesus. You can praise the Lord with us that he went so peacefully in hospice care with our mother Siromani, my brother¬† Syam, and his wife Gwen keeping vigil with him. We celebrated his life on the 5th of November, and laid him to rest in Niles, Ohio, the city where he was born. God has been so good to all of us through this past year of Dad learning he had cancer and having to go through chemotherapy and radiation. Our gracious Lord granted him enough time and energy to get many affairs in order, and when he realized he would no longer be able to carry on his usual tasks for the vital ministry in India, he began to delegate. It was his sincere desire–and is that of his family–for God’s work to continue uninterrupted.

I am so glad to be reaching out to you whom God has used to be an answer to the prayers of many people in India. I’m sure you know, as my husband Jim and I do, that we are so blessed to be a part of God’s provision for them. It is good to know that every dollar given to Lifesong India goes directly to the care of destitute children, pastors, Gospel workers, and indigent poor. In recent years our uncertain economy in America has caused even some to “feel” poor or at least poorer than before.¬† However, no matter how “poor” one is, they can always be used by God to help someone who has even less. Lifesong India is an opportunity for us to give to people who have less, which means even the little that is given will still make a big difference to that certain someone whose prayers are reaching God’s ears.









Oh how Dad loved these precious children and they loved him, too. I was happy to share him with them because he had plenty of Christ’s love to go around.